Open clusters from catalog NGC / IC

Catalog NGC (New General Catalogue) includes 7840 galaxies, nebulae and other objects.
John Ludwig Emil Dreyer NGC original catalog was compiled by John Ludwig Emil Dreyer (Johan Ludvig Emil Dreyer) in 1880, based largely on observations by William Herschel. His subsequent expansion, the index directories IC I and IC II, 5326 contain more objects. Now the index directories IC together with the main NGC catalog are usually considered a single directory, but the IC prefix in the names of objects of course saved.

Catalog NGC includes both Messier bright objects which are visible even on a bright sky, such as M31 and M13, and very dull and "small" items.
The NGC catalog includes not only vague objects like galaxies, nebulae and their parts, but the ball and open clusters of stars, as well as closely spaced stars (2x, 3x and other asterism).
In short, in this catalog amateur astronomer find items for every taste and observation capabilities.

Here we have used the refined modern version of this catalog - RNGC with Dr. Site Wolfgang Steinicke, contains 13958 entries.

On the light-polluted skies near the cities of many objects NGC and IC catalogs merge with a bright sky background. In addition, the small telescopes are simply not enough zoom and aperture for observing with the naked eye, most of the objects NGC catalog.
In such conditions it is better to use the "Messier catalog" and "Caldwell catalog", in which selected the brightest and "largest" objects in our sky.

Filters for catalog NGC / IC:
Galaxy:    spiral and elliptical
Clasters:    globular and open
Nebulae:    planetary
Supernova remnants
The stars and groups of stars
The objects NGC and IC such were not found again
Full catalog NGC / IC

List of Open clusters from catalog NGC / IC

NGC 2175SNGC 643ANGC 6991-1
NGC 103NGC 110NGC 129NGC 133NGC 136
NGC 152NGC 176NGC 188NGC 189NGC 220
NGC 225NGC 231NGC 241NGC 242NGC 256
NGC 267NGC 269NGC 290NGC 294NGC 299
NGC 339NGC 361NGC 366NGC 371NGC 376
NGC 395NGC 411NGC 416NGC 419NGC 422
NGC 436NGC 457NGC 458NGC 460NGC 465
NGC 581NGC 609NGC 637NGC 643NGC 654
NGC 659NGC 663NGC 743NGC 744NGC 752
NGC 869NGC 884NGC 886NGC 956NGC 957
NGC 1039NGC 1193NGC 1220NGC 1245NGC 1342
NGC 1444NGC 1496NGC 1502NGC 1513NGC 1528
NGC 1582NGC 1605NGC 1624NGC 1629NGC 1641
NGC 1647NGC 1649NGC 1651NGC 1652NGC 1662
NGC 1664NGC 1673NGC 1676NGC 1693NGC 1695
NGC 1697NGC 1698NGC 1702NGC 1704NGC 1708
NGC 1712NGC 1718NGC 1722NGC 1727NGC 1731
NGC 1733NGC 1734NGC 1735NGC 1747NGC 1749
NGC 1751NGC 1754NGC 1755NGC 1756NGC 1758
NGC 1764NGC 1766NGC 1767NGC 1768NGC 1770
NGC 1774NGC 1775NGC 1776NGC 1777NGC 1778
NGC 1783NGC 1787NGC 1789NGC 1791NGC 1793
NGC 1798NGC 1801NGC 1802NGC 1804NGC 1805
NGC 1807NGC 1810NGC 1813NGC 1814NGC 1815
NGC 1817NGC 1818NGC 1820NGC 1822NGC 1823
NGC 1826NGC 1828NGC 1829NGC 1830NGC 1831
NGC 1834NGC 1835NGC 1836NGC 1837NGC 1838
NGC 1840NGC 1842NGC 1844NGC 1845NGC 1846
NGC 1848NGC 1849NGC 1850NGC 1852NGC 1856
NGC 1858NGC 1859NGC 1860NGC 1861NGC 1862
NGC 1864NGC 1865NGC 1866NGC 1867NGC 1868
NGC 1870NGC 1871NGC 1872NGC 1873NGC 1876
NGC 1878NGC 1881NGC 1882NGC 1883NGC 1885
NGC 1890NGC 1893NGC 1894NGC 1897NGC 1898
NGC 1901NGC 1902NGC 1903NGC 1905NGC 1907
NGC 1912NGC 1913NGC 1914NGC 1916NGC 1919
NGC 1923NGC 1925NGC 1926NGC 1928NGC 1933
NGC 1938NGC 1940NGC 1942NGC 1944NGC 1946
NGC 1950NGC 1951NGC 1953NGC 1955NGC 1959
NGC 1962NGC 1963NGC 1967NGC 1968NGC 1969
NGC 1972NGC 1974NGC 1978NGC 1981NGC 1983
NGC 1986NGC 1987NGC 1991NGC 1994NGC 1997
NGC 2001NGC 2002NGC 2003NGC 2004NGC 2006
NGC 2010NGC 2011NGC 2013NGC 2014NGC 2015
NGC 2018NGC 2021NGC 2025NGC 2026NGC 2027
NGC 2031NGC 2033NGC 2034NGC 2036NGC 2037
NGC 2041NGC 2042NGC 2043NGC 2044NGC 2046
NGC 2050NGC 2051NGC 2053NGC 2055NGC 2056
NGC 2058NGC 2059NGC 2062NGC 2065NGC 2066
NGC 2075NGC 2081NGC 2088NGC 2091NGC 2092
NGC 2094NGC 2095NGC 2096NGC 2097NGC 2098
NGC 2100NGC 2102NGC 2105NGC 2107NGC 2108
NGC 2111NGC 2112NGC 2113NGC 2114NGC 2116
NGC 2118NGC 2120NGC 2121NGC 2122NGC 2123
NGC 2126NGC 2127NGC 2129NGC 2130NGC 2133
NGC 2135NGC 2136NGC 2137NGC 2138NGC 2140
NGC 2143NGC 2145NGC 2147NGC 2151NGC 2153
NGC 2155NGC 2156NGC 2157NGC 2158NGC 2159
NGC 2161NGC 2162NGC 2164NGC 2165NGC 2166
NGC 2169NGC 2172NGC 2173NGC 2176NGC 2177
NGC 2181NGC 2186NGC 2190NGC 2192NGC 2193
NGC 2197NGC 2202NGC 2203NGC 2204NGC 2209
NGC 2213NGC 2214NGC 2215NGC 2219NGC 2225
NGC 2231NGC 2232NGC 2236NGC 2239NGC 2240
NGC 2243NGC 2244NGC 2249NGC 2250NGC 2251
NGC 2254NGC 2257NGC 2259NGC 2260NGC 2262
NGC 2266NGC 2269NGC 2270NGC 2281NGC 2286
NGC 2299NGC 2301NGC 2302NGC 2304NGC 2306
NGC 2311NGC 2318NGC 2323NGC 2324NGC 2331
NGC 2338NGC 2343NGC 2345NGC 2348NGC 2349
NGC 2354NGC 2355NGC 2356NGC 2358NGC 2360
NGC 2364NGC 2367NGC 2368NGC 2374NGC 2383
NGC 2395NGC 2396NGC 2401NGC 2409NGC 2414
NGC 2421NGC 2422NGC 2423NGC 2425NGC 2428
NGC 2437NGC 2439NGC 2447NGC 2451NGC 2453
NGC 2459NGC 2477NGC 2478NGC 2479NGC 2482
NGC 2489NGC 2506NGC 2509NGC 2516NGC 2520
NGC 2533NGC 2539NGC 2546NGC 2547NGC 2548
NGC 2568NGC 2571NGC 2579NGC 2580NGC 2587
NGC 2609NGC 2627NGC 2632NGC 2635NGC 2645
NGC 2659NGC 2660NGC 2664NGC 2666NGC 2669
NGC 2671NGC 2678NGC 2682NGC 2849NGC 2866
NGC 2925NGC 2972NGC 2982NGC 2999NGC 3033
NGC 3105NGC 3114NGC 3228NGC 3231NGC 3247
NGC 3293NGC 3330NGC 3446NGC 3496NGC 3519
NGC 3572NGC 3590NGC 3603NGC 3680NGC 3766
NGC 3960NGC 4052NGC 4103NGC 4184NGC 4230
NGC 4349NGC 4439NGC 4463NGC 4609NGC 4755
NGC 4852NGC 5043NGC 5045NGC 5138NGC 5168
NGC 5281NGC 5284NGC 5288NGC 5316NGC 5359
NGC 5460NGC 5593NGC 5606NGC 5617NGC 5662
NGC 5749NGC 5764NGC 5800NGC 5822NGC 5823
NGC 5999NGC 6005NGC 6025NGC 6031NGC 6067
NGC 6115NGC 6124NGC 6134NGC 6152NGC 6167
NGC 6178NGC 6192NGC 6193NGC 6200NGC 6204
NGC 6216NGC 6222NGC 6231NGC 6242NGC 6249
NGC 6253NGC 6259NGC 6268NGC 6281NGC 6318
NGC 6374NGC 6383NGC 6396NGC 6400NGC 6404
NGC 6416NGC 6425NGC 6444NGC 6451NGC 6469
NGC 6494NGC 6506NGC 6507NGC 6520NGC 6525
NGC 6531NGC 6546NGC 6568NGC 6583NGC 6596
NGC 6604NGC 6605NGC 6611NGC 6613NGC 6625
NGC 6633NGC 6639NGC 6645NGC 6647NGC 6649
NGC 6683NGC 6694NGC 6704NGC 6705NGC 6709
NGC 6755NGC 6756NGC 6774NGC 6791NGC 6793
NGC 6802NGC 6811NGC 6819NGC 6823NGC 6827
NGC 6834NGC 6837NGC 6846NGC 6866NGC 6871
NGC 6882NGC 6883NGC 6885NGC 6910NGC 6913
NGC 6940NGC 6996NGC 6997NGC 7031NGC 7039
NGC 7062NGC 7063NGC 7067NGC 7082NGC 7086
NGC 7127NGC 7128NGC 7129NGC 7142NGC 7160
NGC 7226NGC 7234NGC 7235NGC 7243NGC 7245
NGC 7281NGC 7295NGC 7296NGC 7380NGC 7419
NGC 7429NGC 7510NGC 7654NGC 7686NGC 7762
NGC 7788NGC 7789NGC 7790IC 1023IC 1299
IC 1311IC 1369IC 1434IC 1442IC 1590
IC 1612IC 1624IC 1626IC 1641IC 1655
IC 1660IC 1662IC 1708IC 1805IC 1824
IC 1985IC 2128IC 2157IC 2391IC 2395
IC 2581IC 2602IC 2714IC 348IC 361
IC 4651IC 4665IC 4685IC 4715IC 4725
IC 4996

In this version of the NGC catalog used by NASA imagery, ngcicproject.org and other sources. The pictures in the places of their original placement referred to as free of licensing restrictions. In case of doubt, please the authors: let me know and they will be removed.

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