Nebulae from catalog NGC / IC

Catalog NGC (New General Catalogue) includes 7840 galaxies, nebulae and other objects.
John Ludwig Emil Dreyer NGC original catalog was compiled by John Ludwig Emil Dreyer (Johan Ludvig Emil Dreyer) in 1880, based largely on observations by William Herschel. His subsequent expansion, the index directories IC I and IC II, 5326 contain more objects. Now the index directories IC together with the main NGC catalog are usually considered a single directory, but the IC prefix in the names of objects of course saved.

Catalog NGC includes both Messier bright objects which are visible even on a bright sky, such as M31 and M13, and very dull and "small" items.
The NGC catalog includes not only vague objects like galaxies, nebulae and their parts, but the ball and open clusters of stars, as well as closely spaced stars (2x, 3x and other asterism).
In short, in this catalog amateur astronomer find items for every taste and observation capabilities.

Here we have used the refined modern version of this catalog - RNGC with Dr. Site Wolfgang Steinicke, contains 13958 entries.

On the light-polluted skies near the cities of many objects NGC and IC catalogs merge with a bright sky background. In addition, the small telescopes are simply not enough zoom and aperture for observing with the naked eye, most of the objects NGC catalog.
In such conditions it is better to use the "Messier catalog" and "Caldwell catalog", in which selected the brightest and "largest" objects in our sky.

Filters for catalog NGC / IC:
Galaxy:    spiral and elliptical
Clasters:    globular and open
Nebulae:    planetary
Supernova remnants
The stars and groups of stars
The objects NGC and IC such were not found again
Full catalog NGC / IC

List of Nebulae from catalog NGC / IC

NGC 248NGC 249NGC 261
NGC 346NGC 456NGC 602NGC 896NGC 1333
NGC 1435NGC 1491NGC 1499NGC 1555NGC 1579
NGC 1715NGC 1736NGC 1737NGC 1743NGC 1745
NGC 1760NGC 1763NGC 1769NGC 1773NGC 1788
NGC 1880NGC 1895NGC 1899NGC 1909NGC 1911
NGC 1920NGC 1921NGC 1929NGC 1931NGC 1934
NGC 1936NGC 1941NGC 1943NGC 1945NGC 1949
NGC 1965NGC 1966NGC 1970NGC 1973NGC 1975
NGC 1977NGC 1980NGC 1982NGC 1985NGC 1990
NGC 2020NGC 2023NGC 2024NGC 2029NGC 2030
NGC 2035NGC 2040NGC 2048NGC 2052NGC 2060
NGC 2067NGC 2068NGC 2069NGC 2070NGC 2071
NGC 2077NGC 2078NGC 2079NGC 2080NGC 2083
NGC 2085NGC 2086NGC 2103NGC 2149NGC 2163
NGC 2174NGC 2175NGC 2182NGC 2183NGC 2185
NGC 2238NGC 2245NGC 2246NGC 2247NGC 2261
NGC 2296NGC 2313NGC 2316NGC 2317NGC 2327
NGC 2361NGC 2467NGC 2626NGC 2736NGC 3199
NGC 3372NGC 3503NGC 3576NGC 3579NGC 3581
NGC 3584NGC 3586NGC 5367NGC 6164NGC 6165
NGC 6334NGC 6357NGC 6514NGC 6523NGC 6526
NGC 6559NGC 6589NGC 6590NGC 6595NGC 6618
NGC 6727NGC 6729NGC 6813NGC 6820NGC 6857
NGC 6914NGC 6960NGC 6974NGC 6979NGC 6992
NGC 7000NGC 7023NGC 7538NGC 7635NGC 7822
IC 1271IC 1274IC 1275IC 1283IC 1284
IC 1318IC 1318AIC 1318BIC 1340IC 1396
IC 1396BIC 1470IC 1644IC 1795IC 1831
IC 1990IC 1995IC 2067IC 2087IC 2088
IC 2111IC 2114IC 2117IC 2118IC 2126
IC 2144IC 2145IC 2159IC 2162IC 2167
IC 2172IC 2177IC 2220IC 2599IC 2631
IC 2944IC 2948IC 2966IC 336IC 341
IC 353IC 354IC 360IC 405IC 410
IC 420IC 423IC 424IC 426IC 427
IC 429IC 430IC 431IC 432IC 434
IC 435IC 443IC 444IC 446IC 447
IC 452IC 4591IC 4592IC 4601IC 4603
IC 4605IC 4628IC 466IC 4678IC 4684
IC 4700IC 4701IC 4703IC 4706IC 4707
IC 4954IC 4955IC 5067IC 5068IC 5070
IC 5132IC 5133IC 5134IC 5146IC 59

In this version of the NGC catalog used by NASA imagery, ngcicproject.org and other sources. The pictures in the places of their original placement referred to as free of licensing restrictions. In case of doubt, please the authors: let me know and they will be removed.

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