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izmccdThe astronomical program Izmccd is free.
Author: Izmailov, I. S.

The Izmccd program is designed for high-precision astrometric processing of numerical images of celestial objects. The program allows you to receive both measured and equatorial coordinates of minor planets, comets, satellites of major planets, visual binary stars and other objects, as well as identify already known minor planets and find moving objects on numerical images.
The program also allows you to receive light curves of variable stars, and has a search function for new variables.
As a test, you can use three CCD frames supplied with the program (1146_03.FIT, 1146_04.FIT and 1146_05.FIT). Try to identify the reference stars and find a small planet on these frames.

The program was developed to perform this particular study:
Izmailov, I. S .; Khovricheva, M. L .; Khovrichev, M. Yu. et al.
Astrometric observations of the stars of the Pulkovo Observatory,
Astronomy Letters, 2010, Volume 36, Issue 5, pp.349-354

The original Izmccd program has a Russian interface. With the permission of the author, it is translated into English by the author of the site

Installation Izmccd

1. First install the Russian version Izmccd (ver. 2016.1)

2. And then (for English interface) copy with replace the three files from this archive
into the folder where the installation was made (by default it is "C:\Program Files\Izmccd").

3. You can download english help file readme.chm too, which is partially translated into english. This file can be opened separately. For use it from menu in Izmcdd, instead original russian help-file, copy downloaded readme.chm with replace into the folder:
"C:\Users\[your login name]\AppData\Roaming\Izmccd".

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