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The objects NGC and IC were not found again from catalog NGC / IC

Catalog NGC (New General Catalogue) includes 7840 galaxies, nebulae and other objects.
John Ludwig Emil Dreyer NGC original catalog was compiled by John Ludwig Emil Dreyer (Johan Ludvig Emil Dreyer) in 1880, based largely on observations by William Herschel. His subsequent expansion, the index directories IC I and IC II, 5326 contain more objects. Now the index directories IC together with the main NGC catalog are usually considered a single directory, but the IC prefix in the names of objects of course saved.

Catalog NGC includes both Messier bright objects which are visible even on a bright sky, such as M31 and M13, and very dull and "small" items.
The NGC catalog includes not only vague objects like galaxies, nebulae and their parts, but the ball and open clusters of stars, as well as closely spaced stars (2x, 3x and other asterism).
In short, in this catalog amateur astronomer find items for every taste and observation capabilities.

Here we have used the refined modern version of this catalog - RNGC with Dr. Site Wolfgang Steinicke, contains 13958 entries.

On the light-polluted skies near the cities of many objects NGC and IC catalogs merge with a bright sky background. In addition, the small telescopes are simply not enough zoom and aperture for observing with the naked eye, most of the objects NGC catalog.
In such conditions it is better to use the "Messier catalog" and "Caldwell catalog", in which selected the brightest and "largest" objects in our sky.

Filters for catalog NGC / IC:
Galaxy:    spiral and elliptical
Clasters:    globular and open
Nebulae:    planetary
Supernova remnants
The stars and groups of stars
The objects NGC and IC such were not found again
Full catalog NGC / IC

List of The objects NGC and IC were not found again from catalog NGC / IC

NGC 56NGC 111NGC 116NGC 295NGC 412
NGC 420NGC 610NGC 611NGC 952NGC 1037
NGC 1147NGC 1170NGC 1173NGC 1197NGC 1392
NGC 1408NGC 1429NGC 1479NGC 1480NGC 1610
NGC 1619NGC 1757NGC 1884NGC 1908NGC 1915
NGC 1927NGC 2189NGC 2198NGC 2218NGC 2529
NGC 2531NGC 2589NGC 2630NGC 2631NGC 2643
NGC 2760NGC 2901NGC 3046NGC 3123NGC 3167
NGC 3342NGC 3355NGC 3401NGC 3484NGC 3708
NGC 3709NGC 3927NGC 4160NGC 4311NGC 4317
NGC 4323NGC 4910NGC 4912NGC 4913NGC 4916
NGC 5242NGC 5309NGC 5388NGC 5391NGC 5586
NGC 5825NGC 5840NGC 6059NGC 6082NGC 6237
NGC 6245NGC 6448NGC 6450NGC 6529NGC 6534
NGC 6551NGC 6561NGC 6666NGC 6693NGC 6714
NGC 6748NGC 7028NGC 7054NGC 7088NGC 7133
NGC 7210NGC 7238NGC 7405NGC 7447NGC 7471
NGC 7481NGC 7555NGC 7565NGC 7613NGC 7663
NGC 7666NGC 7668NGC 7669NGC 7670
IC 67IC 68IC 71IC 72IC 85
IC 111IC 117IC 151IC 153IC 155
IC 157IC 229IC 274IC 286IC 333
IC 346IC 394IC 425IC 439IC 518
IC 532IC 541IC 543IC 640IC 641
IC 703IC 704IC 759IC 877IC 878
IC 880IC 884IC 887IC 895IC 955
IC 957IC 1150IC 1203IC 1217IC 1232
IC 1233IC 1240IC 1292IC 1316IC 1376
IC 1415IC 1416IC 1426IC 1475IC 1497
IC 1533IC 1538IC 1547IC 1554IC 1556
IC 1560IC 1572IC 1604IC 1606IC 1674
IC 1699IC 1707IC 1717IC 1910IC 1911
IC 1939IC 1988IC 1992IC 2013IC 2030
IC 2048IC 2053IC 2055IC 2061IC 2069
IC 2072IC 2076IC 2084IC 2090IC 2120
IC 2129IC 2147IC 2155IC 2170IC 2171
IC 2183IC 2195IC 2223IC 2276IC 2278
IC 2325IC 2328IC 2330IC 2350IC 2399
IC 2447IC 2477IC 2484IC 2485IC 2489
IC 2504IC 2595IC 2610IC 2662IC 2681
IC 2709IC 2715IC 2721IC 2918IC 2935
IC 2940IC 2962IC 2964IC 2970IC 2975
IC 2983IC 2997IC 2998IC 3000IC 3009
IC 3026IC 3027IC 3030IC 3045IC 3056
IC 3057IC 3083IC 3140IC 3166IC 3177
IC 3180IC 3223IC 3245IC 3251IC 3257
IC 3281IC 3295IC 3319IC 3352IC 3404
IC 3456IC 3566IC 3596IC 3700IC 3712
IC 3739IC 3770IC 3797IC 3801IC 3807
IC 3846IC 3860IC 4055IC 4093IC 4192
IC 4257IC 4308IC 4394IC 4407IC 4411
IC 4437IC 4491IC 4510IC 4511IC 4513
IC 4540IC 4544IC 4552IC 4613IC 4622
IC 4629IC 4631IC 4632IC 4657IC 4658
IC 4659IC 4667IC 4671IC 4675IC 4898
IC 4922IC 4924IC 4930IC 4940IC 4959
IC 4977IC 4988IC 4991IC 5015IC 5019
IC 5056IC 5079IC 5127IC 5136IC 5137
IC 5194IC 5204IC 5216IC 5239IC 5248
IC 5255IC 5259IC 5268IC 5340IC 5344
IC 5360IC 5365IC 5366IC 5383IC 5385

In this version of the NGC catalog used by NASA imagery, ngcicproject.org and other sources. The pictures in the places of their original placement referred to as free of licensing restrictions. In case of doubt, please the authors: let me know and they will be removed.

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